Sunday, December 22, 2013

In The Hospital

So on Wednesday my youngest son, Austin, had a seizure. We took him to the E.R. And they said it was a Febrile seizure. Which the doctor said is a seizure caused by a fever getting too high too fast. After all that everything was fine so they discharged him.

A couple of days later Mike and I felt like we were getting sick so my mom took Austin for the night. We were in bed, watching tv, ready to go to sleep, when my mom called and said Austin was having another seizure. So we went to the E.R. again. This time they admitted Austin into the PICU. This all happened last night.

Earlier today they did an MRI. Which went well and we should have the results today. He also had an EEG done. Which also went well but as Austin was getting hooked up he was screaming. We should get the results of the EEG tomorrow at the latest.

My poor baby has red spots all over from the EEG...
I still can't believe that this happened to him..he's only four months old:( Hopefully he'll either grow out of the seizures (Like his father, Mike, who had them as a baby), or that this is something we will be able to control...
I'm hoping we aren't here much longer. The nurses are all so wonderful. Austin also got a stocking filled with goodies which was so nice.

This has been a very stressful week...until next time...

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