Monday, February 17, 2014

Mani Monday

Here's another Mani Monday post for you all!

This is Sinful Colors "Rise & Shine" It's a great color and is opaque in about 2-3 coats.
This is just a white Sinful Colors polish with Pure Ice "Endless Fortune" on my ring finger. I hate using white nail polish, but I just love it. The gold started peeling after one day, no fun.
This is e.l.f.'s "Smokin Hot." This color it brighter in person, kind of like a neon red. It took about three coats to be opaque. It's so pretty. I have such bad luck with e.l.f. polishes, they chip so easy but I keep buying them because they have such cute colors.
(Inside by window)

This beautiful pink is Forever 21 "Daquiri" and Forever 21 Liquid Sand Polish in "Champagne." I saw these both and had to get them. I have three coats of "Daquiri" on and two of "Champagne." I suggest looking at some of Forever 21's polishes. They have quite a bit of color options and are only about $2. So worth it!

Well, until next time! :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mani Monday

So I am going to start doing Mani Monday's, where i post all of my nail polish looks from the previous week. I figured I might as well since i do my nails quite a bit sometimes. So here we go?

I absolutely love glitter polishes! This one was a little a little hard to get glitter payoff though. This is about four coats. I probably should have done white or black underneath but I didn't so yeah.

Now this is an amazing color. I was going to buy Essie's "Butler Please" but this seems like an exact dupe for it:) it had great color payoff. I have plenty of blue polishes, but not a color like this. I am in love with it! I used about three coats.

Now, I honestly liked this color more when it was just in the bottle. In the bottle it looks like a really deep red. On the nails it still looks like that, but has a brown-ish color to it. I still like it though. It's a pretty chocolate brown color.

So that's all for this Mani Monday! :) Until next time!