Saturday, October 5, 2013


I'm so glad is October. Its almost Mike's birthday! And mine is next month. I'll be 21! I doubt I'm going to go out and drink. I'd rather go out to eat with all three of my boys:) Maybe go to the casino haha.

In other news. Jered had his first dentist appointment yesterday. He does not like people poking around in his mouth. But the dentist said his teeth look fine.
He got a cars toothbrush and wouldn't stop brushing his teeth. They also give kids toys after their appointments, so he got a pack of three toy cars.
Then Mike got an appointment right after Jered's so we waited for him and he has to get a couple of teeth pulled. And he got a rechargable eclectic toothbrush for being a new patient. Pretty cool!

Then later last night we went to Denny's.
Jered enjoyed it and didn't let go of those crayons the whole time we were there and I'm the ride home.

That's all I have for this post. Until next time!

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