Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Mini Haul.

As you can see I only bought a few things. I only went to Walmart for the body wash, but I never leave Walmart with just the things I go there to buy. That pink thing is a tank top. That isn't its exact color. Its hard to photograph it. Its a bright bright neon pink. I don't have many pink clothes so I thought I would get it. And it wasn't even $4!
Then I got these nail files since mine always seem to disappear. These were about $2 so I wasn't not going to get them.
I needed this pretty bad. You should have seen how chipped my nails were and I had no remover! I almost died.. This I think was only about $1.50? I don't remember.
It seems like I'm always buying nail buffers. I have like four or five of them but someone always ended up chewing on them, whether it be my cat or dog or even my son, and they just don't work the same after! So I needed this and it was like $0.97. Now, the reason I went to Walmart in the first place.
I absolutely love St. Ives body washes. Well St. Ives anything really! I've never seen this body wash before so I got it. I have really been loving coconut lately. Just the smell kind of makes me melt:) I was going to get some nail polish but Mike caught me. He doesn't like me buying any nail polish because "I have too many" which I don't..He also said I already had the color I put in the basket. Turns out I do haha. Well that's all for this post. In my next post I will most likely be talking about Jered's first birthday party which I am currently planning:) Bye!

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